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Transaction process

  • Step 1
    Buyer sends an inquiry
  • Step 2

    Our company replies to the buyer's inquiry, providing detailed product specifications and price information.

  • Step 3

    Buyer confirms the order and agrees on the payment method.

  • Step 4
    After receiving the order, our company verifies the order details and arranges production upon receipt of the deposit.
  • Step 5
    The factory conducts quality control and inspections to ensure products meet the required standards.
  • Step 6
    The products are packaged by the packaging team to ensure safe transportation.
  • Step 7
    The products are shipped by the logistics company, and logistics details are provided to the buyer.
  • Step 8
    The buyer makes the final payment according to the contract, and our company provides the original bill of lading.
  • Step 9
    Upon receiving the goods, the buyer confirms receipt and provides feedback to the supplier.

Production Process

When our company cooperates with customers, there are 7 major steps in the production process, namely: material selection, blanking, embroidery, sewing, production, quality inspection, and packaging.Welcome to buy Claw Machine Plush Toys.

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