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The qualification certificate required for the stuffed animal

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Plush toys, as a favorite toy for children and even adults, their safety and quality are crucial. In order to ensure the quality and safety of plush toys, a series of qualification certification and regulatory measures have been implemented for the production and sale of plush toys in the market. These qualifications are not only a guarantee of the quality of plush toys, but also an important reference for consumers to choose to purchase.

** 1. Main qualification certificate of plush toys **

1. **3C certification ** : This is China's mandatory product certification system, which is the basic requirement for plush toys to enter the Chinese market. 3C certification mainly tests the electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and fire performance of plush toys to ensure that the toys will not cause harm to users during use.

2. **CE Certification ** : CE certification is a safety certification for products imported and sold in the EU. If the plush toy wants to enter the European market, it must obtain CE certification, proving that it meets the safety, health and environmental protection standards of the European Union.

3. **EN71 certification ** : This is a European standard for toy safety, mainly testing the mechanical and physical properties of toys, flammability, chemical content, etc. If the plush toy meets the EN71 standard, it means that its safety and quality have been recognized by the European market.

4. **ASTM F963 Certification ** : This is the United States standard for toy safety, covering all aspects of toys, including physical properties, chemical properties, flammability, etc. Plush toys can be sold in the U.S. market if they are certified by ASTM F963.

** II. The importance of obtaining qualifications **

1. ** Guarantee product quality ** : Obtaining the above qualification certificate means that the plush toy has passed the strict quality testing and safety assessment, and can be sold safely in the market.

2. ** Improve consumer trust ** : When consumers buy plush toys, they usually pay attention to whether they have relevant qualifications. Toys with certificates are more likely to gain the trust of consumers, thus increasing sales.

3. ** Comply with legal and regulatory requirements ** : Various countries and regions have laws and regulations for toys, requiring toys to meet certain safety standards. Obtaining relevant qualification certificates is the embodiment of meeting the requirements of these laws and regulations.

** Three, how to obtain the qualification certificate **

1. ** Select qualified testing institutions ** : Manufacturers of plush toys should choose qualified and authoritative testing institutions for product quality testing and safety assessment.

2. ** Production in accordance with standard requirements ** : Manufacturers in the production of plush toys, should be in strict accordance with the relevant standards and requirements to ensure product quality and safety.

3. ** Submit an application and accept testing ** : After the manufacturer has prepared the relevant materials, it can submit an application to the testing institution and accept testing as required.

In short, the qualification certificate required for plush toys is an important guarantee to ensure the quality and safety of toys. Manufacturers should attach importance to the acquisition of these certificates to ensure that plush toys meet the relevant standards and requirements, improve consumer trust, and thus obtain better sales performance in the market. At the same time, when consumers buy plush toys, they should also pay attention to whether they have relevant qualifications, and choose safe, reliable quality products.

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