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How to transport plush toys to save freight

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Plush toys are loved by consumers of all ages with their soft, cute and warm characteristics. However, when these toys need to be compressed, packed and shipped, how to ensure that they maintain their original shape and texture, while saving space and reducing shipping costs, becomes a question worth discussing. Below, we will introduce in detail how to compress the process of packing and shipping plush toys.

First, choose the right compression tool

To compress a stuffed animal, you first need to prepare some basic compression tools. Common tools are:

1. Vacuum compression bag: This bag can reduce the volume of items by pumping air, which is very suitable for compressing plush toys.

2. Manual or electric air pump: used to extract the air in the vacuum compression bag to achieve the best compression effect of the toy.

Second, the pre-treatment of plush toys

Before compression, some pre-treatment of the plush toy is required to ensure that it will not be damaged during the compression process:

1. Clean: Make sure the surface of the toy is clean and free of dust or dirt. This not only protects the texture of the toy, but also avoids leaving marks during the compression process.

2. Check: Check whether the toy is broken or loose, and repair it first if necessary.

Three, compression steps

Here are the specific compression steps:

1. Place the toy: Put the plush toy into the vacuum compression bag, taking care to ensure that the toy is placed neatly to avoid distortion or deformation during the compression process.

2. Close the bag: close the open part of the vacuum compression bag to ensure that the air will not leak.

3. Pumping: Use a manual or electric pump to pump the air out of the bag. In this process, it is necessary to observe the state of the toy to avoid excessive compression resulting in deformation.

4. Check the compression effect: When the toy is compressed to the right volume, stop pumping, and check whether the shape and texture of the toy remain unchanged.

Four, packaging and delivery

After the compression is complete, you can pack and ship:

1. Additional protection: Wrap a layer of shock-proof material (such as bubble film or foam paper) outside the compression bag to increase the seismic ability of the toy during transportation.

2. Marking: Clearly mark the recipient's information, shipper's information, and warning signs such as "fragile" or "Handle lightly" on the package.

3. Choose the right delivery method: according to the size and weight of the toy, choose the most appropriate delivery method to ensure that the toy can be safely and quickly delivered to the destination.

5. Precautions

When packing plush toys, you also need to pay attention to the following points:

* Ensure that the quality of the vacuum compression bag and the air pump used is reliable to avoid cracking or leaking during the compression process.

* Avoid excessive compression to avoid damaging the shape or texture of the toy.

* Double check the status of toys and packages before shipping to make sure everything is ready.

Through the above steps and precautions, we can ensure that the plush toys remain intact during the compression packaging and delivery process, while effectively saving space and reducing freight costs.

Baoding Meng Animal Toys Co., Ltd. are shipped using vacuum compression, which can reduce the volume and transportation costs, help you save more freight, if you need, you can contact us to view the packaging video.

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