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Dorky Dinosaur 8 inch Fine Plush Toy for Claw Machine

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Size: 23cm-8inch

Material: Imitation rabbit hair

Filling: chemical fiber cotton

Moq: 200 PCS

Prices: From $1.33

Packing method: according to customer requirements

Suitable for people: grab doll machine plush toys, bed place decorative plush toys

Recommended: ☆☆☆☆☆

Copyright certificate: Yes

Test report: Yes

User comments: This cute little green dinosaur looks silly, feels soft, fluffy, its head is relatively large, looks very textured,! Its color is very bright, it is very beautiful in the doll machine, and it is the explosive product of the plush toy of the doll machine.

Packing contents: According to customer's needs, individually packed or 20 pieces per package are evacuated and packed.


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